Personalize your Speed Graphic. 

with the

The 8" - 203 mm - f =2,9 Dallmeyer Pentac  Lens.

Manufactured by National Optical Company for Royal Air Force during World War II.

Now married to a Speed Graphic meant to create beautiful Portrait Work or Fine Art Photography.

by Jo Lommen

Coupled !

The famous Pentac 8 inch 

Coupled with the Speed Graphic

Realized with the JoLo Mark III lens board.

The very same lens board originally used to couple the Kodak 7" Aero lens to the Speed Graphic.

Only a few inches of Teflon ® tape and your Pacemaker Speed Graphic can be equipped with the Pentac 8 inch lens. 

Both Speed Graphic cameras, the Anniversary as well as the Pacemaker Speed Graphic camera, can be equipped with a JoLo lens board.


Above: Photos show the way how to wind the Teflon® tape around the Pentac thread. Only 2 times would do.

The JoLo lens board Mark III originally has been designed for use with the Pacemaker Speed Graphic while 

the JoLo 44" * has been developed for use with the Anniversary Speed Graphic. 

Both lens boards can be equiped with the 7 inch Kodak Aero lens as well as the 8 inch Pentac lens.

Also available are 7 step down rings, enabling to use more metric threaded classic lenses by using one of these two JoLo lens boards as a base mount. These step down rings can easily be found on eBay.

*)This Anniversary lens board is no more available.

The Beautiful Pentac 8" 

Fast large format soft focus vintage lens for 4x5 inch cameras equipped with a focal plane shutter such as the Pacemaker or Anniversary Speed Graphic.  Married to the Graflex Super D it would be even more sophisticated, as the Super D is a Reflex camera and thus very suitable for portrait work. You would need a special lens board though. 

 Marked N.O.C. National Optical Company. These lenses were built for the RAF in WW II for reconnaissance on board of aircraft. The lens is a triplet like the Voigtländer Heliar. However its 2,9 fast lens provides an optic effect of selected sharpness due to the very shallow depth of field which is comparable with the 2,5 Kodak Aero lens. 

The 8 inch Pentac lens is known for its "bokeh", which is a Japanese term which means the quality of the out of focus areas. The lens is uncoated and will provide nice highlights but less contrast than modern lenses. To increase contrast you may use a lens shade. This lens has become favourite among the alternative photography crowd and those who are interested in non-digital, personal contemporary photography. 

The Pentac was designed by L. B. Booth for Dallmeyer and came to market in 1920. It is a 5 elements in three groups lens in the same design family as Voigtländer's Heliar.
8" Pentacs were made for the RAF during WWII by a number of lens plants. 

This particular lens was manufactured by the National Optical Company (N.O.C.) was a Taylor, Taylor, & Hobson daughter factory.

The lens will cover 4x5 at close portrait distances. A fine lens with a classical rendering.

The photo below shows how the Pentac 8 inch can be used with your Speed Graphic camera or Super D Reflex camera.

The Pentac 8 inch with all its accessories.

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