Restoring the Anniversary

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Focal Plane shutter.

   Curtain and Roller replacement




a) If the curtain and rollers are not being replaced as a unit, remove all old cement from the rollers and rough the curtain, and be sure that the ends of the curtain are square which will facilitate in keeping the curtain ends as nearly parallel as possible. to the longitudinal axis of the rollers when the parts are cemented together. Examine the curtain for pinholes, tears or weak points.

b) For information of assembly and lubrication of the curtain and tension setting plates, see corresponding paragraphs 1 and 2 on previous page.

c) Examine the tension roller spring by unscrewing the left bushing, then unscrew the right bushing. Lubricate spring very lightly with recommended light oil or replace tension roller if the spring is badly worn.

d) After the new curtain or roller has been replaced and adjusted, it is additionally cemented to the roller. The top gear roller is set at "o"and released, a line is drawn across the centre of the roller which will mark a guide on the inside surface of the curtain. Cement is applied 1/2 "wide on this guide line. The lower tension roller is marked with a guide line after the smallest aperture has been wound on the top roller- cement is applied 1/2"wide on this guide line. Reassemble the back and check.

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