JoLo Products for the 2,5 Kodak 7 inch Aero lens

To make it easy for you to decide which of the JoLo parts you'll need to personalize your Speed Graphic, I have put all these components in a line.

Not all of them may be needed to accomplish your goal.

First of all you would need the JoLo Mark III lens board for the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, or its equivalent for the Anniversary Speed Graphic, the JoLo 44 lens Board.

If your Aero lens is equipped with an original front lens hood that carries the Kodak identification ring you wont need the JoLo Base Mount. 

The JoLo Base Mount is a replacement for a missing Sun Shade and serves as the base to build up components such as the Filter Holder and the Lens hood.

As the Aero lens originally has been designed to be focused from high altitude to the ground, there was no need to equip the Aero lens with a deep sun shade.

However for normal use here on earth we want to reduce unwanted flare caused by sunlight.


The original Kodak front lens hood.


The photo on the left shows the Kodak Lens including the Kodak front lens hood. The right photo shows the Kodak lens missing the Kodak front lens hood.


The solution for a missing Kodak front lens hood is the JoLo Base Mount. On this base mount you can mount the JoLo filter holder and Lens Hood.

Lens Hood and Filter Holder.

The fantastic results made possible by the Aero lens in combination with the Speed Graphic camera, can be influenced negatively by the lack of a deep lens hood. 

The basic purpose is to block unwanted light from entering the lens which can cause lens flare and other anomalies. It is important to use a lens-hood  designed for the widest focal length of the lens. A deep hood or one without sufficient diameter may cause vignetting.

To make it possible to use the Speed Aero Camera where ever you like under all light conditions, the JoLo Filter Holder combined with the JoLo Lens Hood, gives you the freedom of choosing your subject outside without being confined by lens flare. This solution will greatly improves contrast.

Aero lens

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