Sorry this lens board is no more available.


Special new designed JoLo 44"

Aero Lens board for use with the 

Anniversary Speed Graphic.

Use more beautiful classic lenses on your Anniversary Speed Graphic by using the JoLo 44 Lens Board.


The Anniversary Speed Graphic was the predecessor of the Pacemaker Speed Graphic and was equipped with a Kalart range finder, a sports view finder and an optical viewfinder. Unlike the Pacemakers cup shaped aluminum lens board, the Anniversary lens board is made out of wood and is flat. The light trapping consist a simple two sliced lens board which fits exactly into the front standard. 

To mount the Aero lens on the Anniversary standard I designed an aluminum copy of the original Graflex 4 x 4 wooden lens board and completed it with an integrated fitting mount for the Aero thread. This Whitworth thread has also been used on a JoLo adaptor which enables the use of all sorts of other classic lenses. For more info about this click here.

It is quite obvious that one needs a solid strong but light lens board equipped with an integrated thread for reliable mounting of the huge and heavy Kodak Aero lens. I was very lucky to find a machine shop to manufacture the lens board out of one piece of aluminum.

 Once the lens board has been shaped, the thread can be cut . 

High precision producing, tailor made tools, computerized milling machines and high level of craftsmanship guarantees the best possible quality for reliable equipment for your precious Speed Graphic Camera and the King Size 7 inch Kodak Aero lens.



Photo 1. Special tools were made to mill the JoLo 44 " lens board. 

Photo 2. Computerized milling 

Photo 3. High precision producing and a high level of craftsmanship

Photo 4. Made out of one piece of aluminum after the first milling process.


Photo 1 shows the back side of the JoLo 44 with the integrated Aero lens thread.

Photo 2. the right angle to fit into the Anniversary front standard.

Photo 3. Front side of the JoLo 44 Aero lens board.

Photo 4. The Aero lens mounted on the Anniversary Speed Graphic.

More Applications with the 44 lens board.

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