This is what you need to personalize your Speed Graphic

A Speed Graphic camera, a Kodak Aero Lens, an aluminum lens board and two rings out of bronze or any another metal with a fitting thread to your Kodak Ektar Aero lens. To show you the principle:  Picture one shows the two rings and the lens board. It's obvious that the lower ring must not be thicker than the edge of the light trap of the standard. (picture 2)  Next picture shows the lower ring laying in the light trap of the standard, covered by the lens board. and finely the upper ring covering the lens board.

Do it yourself: Home made lensboard.

  Retainer 4 mm  

Retainer couvered by lensboard  Retainer lensboard and spacer

Built together The Aero lens with fixed lens board ready to meet the Speed Graphic.

Ready to be mount on the Speed.  

Look for more details about how to make a home made lensboard.

Double Lensboard