JoLo Lens board with integrated rings

Especially designed for the 7 inch Aero lens thread.

The latest modification: 7 inch Aero lens mounted on JoLo Mark III lens board.

No more retainer ring or spacer needed.


Now available again in very small numbers.

These factory made new type lens boards are, unlike the earlier home made lens boards, made out of one piece of aluminum, like the original Graflex boards, including the machined drilled hole with the exact diameter and special Whitworth thread for the Aero lens. They are easy to handle when changing  lenses, because they will fit perfectly in the lens standard of the Pacemaker Speed Graflex and are guaranteed light proof. The aluminum of this new lens-board is a bit thicker than the original Graflex lens board thus strong enough to hold the huge weight of the big Aero lens. Another advantage is the fact that the edges are a bit higher to compensate the missing notches on the front and therefore create the space, which the 4 mm retainer needs to find its place between the front standard and the lens board. 

Lens board 115 euro

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This lens board doesn't fit to the earlier pre-war Speed Graphic Anniversary Camera, If you have any doubts you may

send me some photos of your camera to be absolute sure the lens-board will fit to your camera.

Pacemaker Speed Graphic equipped with Kodak Aero Lens in the JoLo Mark III lens-board.

Note: Unlike the Anniversary black lens standard, the Chrome plus Aluminum lens standard is the one which is suitable to be equiped with the 7 inch Aero lens.






JoLo Mark III plus step down rings and Zeis Tessar 4,5/210.

JoLo Mark III lens board equipped with 7 inch Aero lens plus JoLo Filter Adapter.


For those who want to use the JoLo mark III lens-board for other lenses as well as the Aero Lens, the JoLo adaptor is very useful. The adaptor fits into the JoLo Mark III lens board (the same one as can be used for the Aero Lens). The JoLo Lens Board has a inner Whitworth thread. The JoLo adaptor has an outer Whitworth thread and an inner metric thread on the front side. A lot of classic lenses can be used now together with the JoLo lens board. The photo shows the Speed Graphic powered with a beautiful 4.5 / 210 mm Zeiss Tessar. The photo below shows the JoLo Lens Board, the JoLo Adaptor with the 7 Step Down rings. 

The next photo shows a 15 inch Graflex Tele Optar mounted to the JoLo lens Board

These step down can be purchased on the WWW and are available in the sizes:

77-72 72-67  67-62 62-58 58-55 55-52 52-49 


All your lenses equipped with metric threads and having a diameter of 77- 72- 67-62- 58- 55- 52 and 49 mm 

can be used now with your Speed Graphic. 


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