Restoring the Anniversary

Anniversary Speed Graphic

Focal Plane shutter.




Winding key Curtain Setting Plate                                 Tension Setting Plate


Special precautions: 

All metal parts of the shutter plates may be immersed in cleaning solvent-dry before reassembly and lubricating as recommended below. Remove excess lubricant and never allow any lubrication to come in contact with the shutter curtain.  

Bellows minimum 2 1/2 inch to maximum 13 inch!

Model C 4 inch square lens board

Limit lens rear element diameter maximum 3 1/4 inch = 8,26 cm .

1 7/16 inch = 3,6 cm forward from lens board to closed bed.


Curtain setting plate

a)     remove the camera back.

          Set the curtain at “O” full open aperture and mark the position of the top curtain strut on one site of the camera body.  

b)     From the curtain setting plate (upper plate), remove the 5 ( #1 x ¼ “) oval head screws.

Note any spacer washers that may be replaced at either end of the rollers.

c)     Check break spring of the escapement ( in respect to its latch of the master gear stop pin). Hold the shutter release lever back and rotate the winding key until the stop pin snaps beneath the flat spring and against the escapement- it should not be possible to reverse the winding key and force the stop pin back under the catch end of the flat spring. This spring should latch about 1/64” below the top of the pin. If it has been necessary to remove the escapement screws apply a touch of Glyptol cement to the threads before assembly.

A=two escapement screws. If they have been removed, apply a touch of Glyptol before assembly.

B=Shutter Lock

C= Shutter release lever

D= Escapement assembly

d)     Lubricate the master gear stop pins with wax base lubricant and lubricate hole when the top gear stop pin is stopped against the escapement.

e)      Set the curtain setting plate so the “O” appears squarely in the indicating window when the top gear stop pin is stopped against the escapement.

f)     Wind the curtain so that its top strut lines up with the index mark on the side of the body. Hold the winding key against the stop and reposition the plate; check the site play of the roller and if more than 1/64”use spacer washer 20600 at the case bearing end of the shaft. Reassemble two screws, test run check the top strut and index if satisfactory, wind the curtain and release- note the position of each curtain strut in relation to the inside frame. If necessary adjust by raising or lowering the pinion gear on tooth at a time.

 Reassemble the back (with the focusing panel removed), set the curtain slit at "A" and set the tension at “ Release the curtain and note if it rebounds at the lower edge of the opening- this fault may be corrected by dropping the upper roller gear one tooth off the plate gear.


Anniversary Restoring Introduction