Technical data and Suppliers.

On this page I'll publish actual information about all sorts of things you might have missed in all the other pages, such as charts and addresses from manufacturers of all kind of parts, you might need to refurbish your camera. I'd appreciate any help from you if you should know interesting sources of parts or any thing else that would be of interest for our colleague collectors and classic camera photographers.


Strap Handle for your 

4 x 5 Speed or Crown camera

Protect your camera. Replace your brittle strap handle before it is too late.

Made out of the finest genuine saddle leather.

An exact copy of the original Graflex Handle.

JoLo Graflex Belt & Buckle



A clever 4x5 sheet film developing tank.

Processing up to four 45" sheets at a time.




For more info:





The Reflex Mirror.

To prevent double or ghost images on the ground glass of the Reflex Camera, the mirror is made with the silvered coating on top of the glass.
Pete Ganzel can make every size mirror for your classic Reflex Camera.
He needs three dimensions Width top and bottom and the length down the centre. As you probably know the reflection or silvered coating of  an optical mirror lays on the surface of the glass, rather than all the other mirrors in your  house, which have the reflection coating on the back of the glass. Please email Mr. Pete Ganzel for more info.

Camera (morocco) Leather, Adhesives, cleaning supplies, nut and screw drivers, all specific camera tools and camera paint.

 For USA

For Europe

Bring your vintage camera alive again by making
pictures with it. Here are some tips to start with.
First of all you'll need film...

For classic roll or sheet film

even 122 roll film for Graflex  3A.

New fresh film on original spool and paper cover.

Central Camera Company.



For all your analogue Photography 

Recently I discovered a company which can deliver all sorts of  Film and even brand new LF Cameras.
I'm really amazed by  the overwhelming offer of sheet and roll films in B&W or Colour. Even the famous Ortochromatic Film is available.
WWW.FOTOIMPEX.DE  German Language

Another great film supplier is Nordfoto  Germany


The impossible project


The reinvention of instant film 

for more info please click on image above.

When can we welcome the 4 x 5 inch Impossible Instant film?

If composition of the subject is done by using the tubular view finder, the spirit level is a great help to indicate whether your camera is level or out of plumb.

Double spirit level two axis.

Contact for more details or order.

Ground Glass Masks 

For architectural work



These are CAD (Computer Aided Design) clear masks for the Graflex 4x5 ground glass. The mask comes pre-cut to size and ready to use. It attaches securely and easily within a few minutes. The mask once attached need not be removed. It does not interfere with 4x5 use.

LOWER LEFT Full Frame - The mask has a center cross hair and is full frame 6x9. There are reference marks within the frame for 6x6 and 6x7 image sizes.

Graflex Goodies Group

1455 NE 56 Street. Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334

Darkroom tent.



Developing Tanks JOBO 

Special 4x5 inch Sheet film developing tank 2521and 4x5 " and reel 2509n

First adjust the sheet film reel to the appropriate size.

Slide the film into the reel.  Emulsion side facing the center.

When inserted all sheets, Insert the holders.


However, to make it very easy, you may use the Sheet Film Loader Base # 2508 and the guide # 2512.

This works real nice and very easy, as the guide snaps when rotating the reel, automatic to the next free slot.



The JOBO # 2509N sheet film reel holds up to six sheet of 4x5 inch film (Photo 1). 

After loading, the security lock prevents the sheets come out of the reel while processing (Photo 2). 

There is one lock on each side of the reel.

The JOBO Multitank 2, above pictured the # 2521 for use with the 2509N reel(Photo3).

More info about loading the sheet film reel.

Learn more about filling quantities of JOBO tanks

 International distributed by

For lenses, film sheet holders and many other Graflex accessories

Pacific Rim Camera


Batteries for Super Speed Graflex

22.5 volt batteries for the
 super speed graphic are available
 from Radio Shack or The Battery Store 
Many owners could use this info. Click on The Battery Store link below.

battery.jpg (47939 bytes)

Bill Cress 

Flash Bulbs

the worlds largest remaining distributor of Flashbulbs


Flash cables, cords, coils.


Customized flash-coils for your Speed or Crown Graphic from bi-post to household or X.

Select the tips or plugs you need and order your customized flash cord.


Photographic Catalogues and Manuals.


The World's Largest Provider of Photographic Manuals

Craig Camera.

Copal Mounting Chart

Copal Diameters in mm Copal 0 Copal 1 Copal 3
Board Mounting Thread 32,5x0,5 39x0,75 61,0x075
Flange Ring Diameter 34,6 41,6 64,0
Board Hole Diameter 34,8 41,8 64,2
Front lens cell thread 29,5x0,5 40,0x0,75 56,0x0,75
Rear Cell Lens Thread 29,5x0,5 26,0x0,75 56,0x0,75
Front to Rear Cell Flange Distance 20,0







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