The Kalart Focuspot

The Kalart Focuspot is an extension of the Kalart Rangefinder to focus in total darkness or under adverse light conditions.
When the Focuspot is switched on, a beam of light is projected through the Range Finder. This light is split in two by the Range Finder and the two beams are projected on the subject to be photographed. The beam act as a guide in locating and centering the image on the ground glass. The focusing knob of the camera is turned in the usual way. When the two light beams are superimposed on the subject your picture is in sharp focus. The camera may be held at any level.


To install the Focuspot, remove the cover on top of the Kalart Range Finder. Place the Kalart Focuspot as shown in the picture on the left and turn it into it's position. It might be necessary to remove the Tubular Finder or in some cases the mounting plate from the Graflite or Heiland Flash Holder. To connect the Focuspot to the battery case you'll need a Graflex Double Post - Household Flash Sync Cord.
Replacing the little bulb in the Focuspot should not be a problem. Only one screw holds the two pieces together. To switch the Focuspot on, just turn the milled screw to the right. Make sure the battery case is connected on the right way to the focuspot.
Tubular Finder on top of the camera on the right side the Kalart Focuspot and below, though it's not an original Kalart Focusscope, a magnifying telescope for the Kalart Rangefinder.

    The Kalart Focusope advertisement:

Now you can speed up your focusing operation and get crisp, needle-sharp negatives at the same time with a Kalart Focus scope. It attaches instantly to the eyepiece of your Kalart Rangefinder, enlarges the focusing image for critical hairline focusing and increases its brilliance to speed focusing in poor light. Build with a spring loaded telescoping eye tube, the Focusscope permits working closer to the eyepiece without undue pressure on strain on the Range Finder housing. Your guard , also , against injury or discomfort if jostled while focusing, a possibility when using rigid one piece eye tube extensions. The Kalart Focusscope is easy to attach. Simply screw it into the threaded eyepiece of the Kalart.
It fits all late model E (Black) Kalart Range Finders and may be left on as a permanent part of your focusing equipment


How to connect the Focuspot to the battery case.

The household  cord is connected to the battery output on the battery-case while the double- post  is connected to the Kalart Focuspot. To use the Heiland solenoid synchronizer, connect the House hold connection to the Solenoid output of the battery case and the double post connection  to the  solenoid. Set Circuit Control on "N"


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