The Anniversary

The start of a legend.


 Just to distinguish between two cameras. The Anniversary was the successor of the Pre Anniversary.

So it is obvious that the Speed Graphic was not introduced as the Pre Anniversary. The Speed was warm welcomed by the press at its introduction in 1928 because the camera was lighter and more compact than the existing types of Speed Graphic cameras known as the "Top Handle." These "Top Handle" cameras were made from 1912 to 1927 in all sorts of film sizes.  For more convenience the top handle moved to the left side on the "Pre Anniversary" giving more comfort while shooting.  The camera could be held at eye level.  It was equipped with a frame finder and a folding optical Albeda finder. The bellows were larger and straight to accommodate the 4x4 lens board.  The Anniversary Speed Graphic (photo) was introduced in 1940. It has a drop bed with two focusing knobs Rising and shifting lens standard. The Kalart or Hugo Meyer coupled rangefinder was encircled by a flash bracket and a tubular finder was mounted on the roof. At its turn the Anniversary was the predecessor of the next generation of Speed Graphics known as the "Pacemakers."

Anniversary models represented the climax of Speed Graphic workmanship, even when the later Pacemaker models showed new conveniences and refinements.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic.

1947 - 1973

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