Graflex Press Cameras


Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5

Tubular finder. Side mounted Kalart Rangefinder

Build in shutter release.

Flash solenoid tripper.

Spring Back. 980746


Pacemaker Crown Graphic. 4 x 5 inch. Late style. Late fifties.

Metal Lens board-Chrome Trim

Top mounted Range Finder with automatic parallax. Graflok back.

Build in Body Release.

Telescoping Sports finder.  Hinged infinity stops.

Metal lens board. Drop Bed.  Graflok Back. 987381



Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5

"MODEL FP" on lower lens board lock. 1960+

Top mounted Range Finder including range light and automatic parallax.

Build in shutter release. Flash solenoid tripper.

Equipped with the desirable Graflex flash.

Spring Back. 980746


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