Pacemaker Speed & Crown Graphic



To make full profit of the solenoid and the synchronization of this electric powered mechanical trigger, the precise location of  the solenoid in its mount on the lensboard is required.  Loosen the clamp screw in the solenoid mount so that the solenoid release may be moved vertically. Connect the release link with the shutter release lever. Set the shutter at its top speed and cock it.

Connect the solenoid A with the SOLENOID OUTLET on the battery case by means of a connecting cord: 

household to male bi post-. Catalog number 2703= 17"

Set Circuit Control on N

Press main switch on battery case 

If the solenoid is in the right position, the shutter will fire.

You may try this out by moving the solenoid in the clamp until the shutter immediate reacts on the main switch.

Now connect the contact post on the shutter D to the SHUTTER OUTLET on the battery case with the shutter cord: 

female bi post to household-. catalog number 2701 20"



Pressing the main switch activates the solenoid which opens the shutter which on its turn fires the flash.

Make sure to set shutter controls first:  M, F, or X

More desirable features

P1030101 800.jpg (114431 bytes)  P1030104 800.jpg (71853 bytes)  P1030103 800.jpg (78150 bytes)

 click on button to see the spirit level and the electronic flash connector.

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