Graflex Cut Film or Plate Magazines


The Graflex Magazines are designed to carry 12 metal septums. Each septum is numbered on the back, the number appearing at a ruby window in the back of the magazine as each exposure is made. When a film or plate is exposed the septum is drawn into a leather changing bag attached to the nd of the magazine, by means of a sliding rod, and reinserted by hand into the rear of the magazine.

The film or plates are held in the septums by means of the flanges AA

The embossed ridge underneath serves as a means to keep the film or plate against the retaining edges of the flange and in the plane of focus.

Loading the Magazine.

In a dark room remove back of magazine, first pressing in on concealed button B. Remove septums by slipping film or plate underneath flanges. The loaded septums are then placed in the magazine chamber with the closed end toward the folded changing bag D in the manner illustrated, with the septum numbers arranged consecutively 1 - 12.


When loading be sure that the first septum is allowed to drop flat into the magazine with the open end V forced back against the end of the magazine opposite the bag. The second septum returned will then drop into the proper position . Whereas if the first two septums are placed in the magazine at one time, at an angle of 60 or 70 degrees the second septum is liable to force its way into the opening toward the bag and if pushed down flat, will bend and prevent operating the magazine.

The back E is then placed on the magazine. Pushing the end, opposite to the bag, down until the spring catch at concealed B engages.

Attaching Magazine to Camera

To attach magazine to Graflex, hold the changing bag D in the right hand, drop the lower edge of the magazine into the bottom flabge at back of the camera, and lock the upper edge of magazine with the top sliding bar on the camera.

Changing the Septums

When the loaded magazine is in position on the camera back, release strap holding the changing bag and draw the independent (dark) slide protecting the films. After the exposure has been made, draw out the changing bag D to its full extension; grasp the ring H with thumb and forefinger of the right hand and draw out rod I to full limit of motion thereby pulling the septum containing the exposed film or plate into the changing bag D; then push the rod I back into the magazine until J snaps into position beyond the edge of the next septum to be drawn. Grasp the septum holding the exposed film now in the changing bag, back on a line with back of magazine, swing inner end of septum toward back of magazine at same time and push it - half way- into the groove between the back pressure springs and the other septum; release hold, then push all the way in with thumb. The number of the septum, or exposure made, will then be visible at the little window K in the back of the magazine. This changing operation is repeated with each succeeding exposure, until all twelve films or plates have been exposed, and septum 12 appears in window.

Removing Magazine from Camera

It is not necessary to expose all the films before the removal of one or more for development. With the protective slide in position the magazine can be removed from the camera at any time and taken to a darkroom where any number of films can be removed. When removing one or more exposed films to be developed the empty septums should be returned to the magazine before proceeding with further exposures, as it is necessary to keep the full twelve septums in the magazine whether loaded or partially so, to create the proper pressure against the back springs in order to hold the forward septum into correct register of focus.


Changing the septums with removed cover to have a good look at the procedure.


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