How to mount a Graflex Roll Holder on your "Spring Back" 

by Jo Lommen

Unlike the Graflok back equipped cameras, spring back cameras are not compatible to the Graflex Roll Holder.

However you might be interested to use the Roll Film Holder without altering your camera.

Just by removing the two screws which hold the spring back, and exchanging the spring back including the ground glass with the Roll Film Holder.

To hold the Roll Film Holder tight to the camera you need two clamps.

The clamps are made out of a 2 mm aluminum plate.

The next photo gallery will show you how to mount the Graphic Roll Film Holder.


Photo 1 shows the camera with removed spring back. On the next photo the Roll Film Holder has been positioned on the camera back.


Photo above shows the home made clamp out of a piece of aluminum.  Two clamps hold the Roll Film Back tight against the camera back. 

The construction is light tight because of the corresponding grooves in the camera back with the ridges in the Roll Holder.

    You may use the screws coming off the spring back to hold the clamps. Store away the spring back carefully to have it ready if you want to use it again. 

The disadvantage of this solution is, that you cannot use the ground glass  to focus on the subject. However if you did checked the good working of the rangefinder, you can rely on it and take 8 or 12 photos on available 120 roll film .

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