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Short Introduction
who am I and why this home page
Graflex Cameras
an overview
Kodak Aero & Speed Graphic
hot item about the 7 inch Aero lens
coupled to the Speed Grapic camera

Anniversary versus Pacemaker
Both Speed Graphics from another era.
American Press Cameras
Many typical classics made in USA
European Press Cameras
British and German made cameras
The World of Graflex
about the Graflex products
Loading Sheet Film
How to load and handle sheet film
Graflex Film Holders
Which one matches the camera
Repairing-Parts & Technique
A must for everyone interested in classic camera
JoLo Parts for Aero Lens
Special designed equipment
Graflex Web Shop

You might find missing parts
Kalart Pages
Learn more about a typical American
Company specialised in optics

About Classic Flashlight
The best info about
classic flash you find here

Personalizing The Speed
Experiments with barrel lenses
Cameras in Conflict
Graflex cameras in action
Photographers Experiences
Professionals telling their experiences
Availability Films- Accessories
Where to get the stuff
Darkroom equipment
addresses, links and more