Graflex Roll Holder

Roll Film no longer available.

Combining roll film convenience with plate-like efficiency.

The Graflex Roll Holder was a desirable accessory to Graflex cameras equipped with a Graflex Back.

This device fitts to the so called Graflex back. Not every Graflex camera has a Graflex back. The nomenclature of Graflex is quite confusing as there are the following backs with almost identical names: Graflex, Graphic and Graflok. To start with, the oldest back is the Graflex back and it takes all holders with a Graflex back compatible connection.

The connection is the front of the film holder which fits exactly to the back of the camera. The Graflex back exist out of a brass outer frame covered with black velvet. The inner frame is equal to the film format.

Further more there is the light lock on the right side of the outer frame. It is a upstanding ridge. The front of the holder should fit exactly into the upstanding ridge of the Graflex back as shown on the photos below.

On the left photo the arrow points to the uprising ridge of the camera back. The arrow on the photo on the right points to the corresponding groove on the film holder.

The last photo shows enlarged the groove which builds together with the ridge a reliable light barrier lock on the right side of the camera.




Grove fits into the ridge of the camera back.


View inside the Graflex Roll Film Holder.


The Graphic Holder

for plates.

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