The Kalart Rangefinder

The next pages will help you to understand the working and the adjusting of the Kalart Rangefinder.

However, if you have a Graflex with Top Mounted Rangefinder click here to visit my pages about the Graflex Rangefinder.

As far as I know there exist 2 types of Kalart rangefinders. The earlier aluminum housing rangefinder (1) and the newer steel housing rangefinder.

The newer type steel housing  rangefinder with rounded edges has a window on top of the housing to attach the Kalart Focus Spot.

There is one type which has a screw on the front (fig 4) to adjust the lateral coincide.

The other type (fig 3) does not have an adjusting screw.

The silver colored steel housing range finder ( fig 2)  misses the adjusting screw as well.


Fig 1

Fig 2

fig 3

fig 4





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