Murer & Duroni


Murer's Express SL Newness Falling Plate Box Camera for 12 plates 9 x 12 cm


The Murer & Duroni, or shall we say the Gaumont? 

Beside minor differences, the camera is identical to the French Gaumont.



Falling plate box camera with Guillotine Shutter Pose 1/50 - 1/200. 



With the guillotine shutter removed, one has a good view to the close up lenses 1, 31/2 and 6 meter. 

No lens = infinity.


A smooth working mechanism brings the plates one by one in the right position for exposure, by pushing the lever on the right side of the camera forward. After shooting-exposure- the exposed plate is safely brought to the bottom of the box, at the same time the new unexposed plate is brought into position. To complete the action, a counter on the back shows the numbers 12 to 0, telling how many photos are yet to be exposed.


The box is made of walnut. It reads in French:

Bois de noyer composť de 3 epaisseurs a fils croises!

To get the best results you have to take care for the lens and keep it clean.

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