New bellows for your Speed Graphic camera.

We all know the problem when the bellows of your camera has light leaks or even worse.

While small pinholes are easy to repair, the only fix for large corner holes or

cracked creases and delaminated bellows is replacement.

Manufacturing a bellows yourself is a very hard job which demands skills and patience. I started trying to make one myself, but gave up after a couple of unsuccessful attempts. 

However I was very lucky to find a man who claimed to be able to make a new bellows for my Graflex Series B - 8x10 inch reflex camera.

As a matter of fact, it is a very small bellows comparing the huger 4x5 inch Speed Graphic camera type.

The bellows was totally worn and not repairable. I removed the bellows from the camera and sent it to him.

After one week the postman delivered the new bellows and I was speechless.

The new bellows was perfectly made and exactly fitting to the camera.

So if your camera needs a new bellows I can only recommend this man. His name is Henry De Haas and lives in Belgium.

You may contact him by email:


If your Speed or Crown Graphic bellows really need replacing, remove it from the camera carefully.
The front of the bellows is attached internally by bushing nuts to the lens standard. Remove the 4 screws on the front of the standard holding the lens board slide lock.


The back of the bellows is attached to the back of the camera housing with clamps.

It is essential not to damage the end frames of the bellows as they will be part of the new replacement bellows.


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