The 77 mm JoLo Filter Adapter

For use with your 7 inch Aero lens.

In full daylight and heavy sunshine the fast 7 inch Kodak Aero lens requires a ND filter. The original lens shade shows three notches on which the original filter holder could be fastened. However these filters are very scarce and filters might be scratched in all these years and thus became unusable.

The solution for using filters is very simple.

There are plenty of all sorts of colour filters, ND filters -in various gradations- and even polarization filters on the market. As the diameter of the 7 inch Kodak Aero lens surface is 74 mm and the available filters are 77 mm, we would just need an adapter to use these filters.

Therefore I have developed a  77 mm adapter which can be cemented to the front of the lens-shade.

This adapter enables the use of all sorts of 77 mm filters.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic with 7 inch Aero Lens and Filter Adapter equiped with ND 2 Filter.

You may prepare some distance pads to make it easy to place the adapter exactly in the middle of the lens shade.

Package includes the 77 mm adapter and a tube of Super Glue!

Some useful directions
how to glue the Adapter to the Kodak Lens Shade.

The Verona Super Glue is really SUPER !

It is quite simple, but please take some necessary precautions.

1) First of all protect your hands by wearing safety gloves.
2) Don’t touch the glue or wipe it off. If you spoiled a drop of glue remove it by using tissues.
3)  yesterday’s newspaper covers your bench and prevents any conflict with your partner.
4) Open the tube by unscrewing the white cap and press the top of the cap into the sealing of the tube. Easy does it. Don’t press too hard to prevent glue coming out.
5) Screw the cap back on gently without squeezing the tube.
6) Lay the Adapter on yesterday’s newspaper and apply a drop of glue each 4 cm on the back of the outer ring of the adapter..

7) Cover the glass of your Kodak Aero Lens with soft tissue.

8) Apply some drops of glue on the edge of the Kodak Aero lens shade.

Make sure that no glue can hit the surface of your lens.
9) Now carefully pick up the adapter and place it with the glued side down in the middle of the lens shade.
10) Press down gently. It will take some minutes before the adapter is ready for use.

Good luck !

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