Good News !

Last year the production and sale of this famous lens board came to an end.

The reason was and still is, that it is hard to find out how many Aero lenses and Speed Graphic cameras are still laying around waiting to be mounted on a Speed Graphic camera by creative photographers who want to complete their own Speed Graphic Aero lens Combo.

After announcing the discontinuing of the production of the JoLo Mark III lens boards, many photographers begged me for one last batch to have the opportunity of fulfilling their dream of the ultimate photographing.

I could not resist and last year I presented a new range of this famous lens board.

Now again these lens boards are out of stock and again the pressure is great to manufacture a new batch.

I want to help you getting the best possible solution to mount your Aero lens to the Speed Graphic camera.

I will order a new batch as soon as I have half a dozen registrations.

Please sign in to make sure that you can have one.

Only a very small number of these new JoLo Mark III lens boards will be available.

First comes first served.

The price will be 115 euro plus 10 euro shipping cost worldwide.

I will confirm your registration and keep you updated about the production progress.


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 Price 115 euro plus 10 euro shipping cost worldwide  
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