Plaubel Makina II repair

by Jo Lommen.

Fold camera together, remove ground glass or film holder if needed and turn the camera rear upwards.

Remove rear lens by turning it with your hand anti clockwise. Lift it off and lay it on a safe place.

Avoid touching the glass with your fingers. Next turn off the retainer ring using this special tool.


Remove the 4 screws on each corner of the front plate.

Lift off the front plate. The front plate including the lens shutter and all the controls will come off.


Now on the left we have the remaining part of the camera back including the strut mechanism, rangefinder mechanism and bellows

while on the right we see the separated front part of the camera seen from the back which is now easy to handle. Further beneath the focusing window

we can see the release lever A which controls the shutter mechanism and on the left the shutter cocking handle S. The lever V is the self timer.

So this is what we've got after removing lens, retainer and 4 screws. So far quite an easy job.

Adjusting rangefinder or if the shutter needs repair or cleaning would be a bit more complicated.

Repair Plaubel II S


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