Graflex RB Series "B"

Revolving Back 

This American classic was made from


During its long term it has covered a lot of American and world History.


When I worked as a staffer on "The Australian" we used to use a Graflex Reflex RB with a Big Bertha lens to photograph cricket. I don't remember what the focal length of this lens was (20"?) but from the roof of the stands at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this lens would give you a framing of the bowling end, the batting end, and all of the player in the infield, so that if there was some action you only had to trigger the camera to know that it would be captured on the area of the 5x4 film and you could enlarge just that section for transmission to the newspaper. I hate cricket, but if I had to photograph it, I'd love to do it again with one of those cameras.

Rob Walls

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Graflex Series B 5 x 7 inch format stationary Back 1920

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