Graflex RB Series "B"

The revolving Back and Graflex Junior.

photo © Jo Lommen 

Directions for Operating The Revolving Back Series B- D and Graflex Junior

The main part of the below instructions has been copied from the original Graflex manual.


Open camera by pressing forward on the spring catch directly opposite forward end of handle, allowing the cover to open. 

Press the two side arms down to draw the focusing hood taut.


The correct position to hold the camera for general work is against the body. All controls are so arranged that the hands fall naturally into the proper position. The right hand should grasp the focusing knob and the left hand the front corner of the camera. The release is convenient located so that it may be operated by the left thumb.


Press the lever H down until the mirror locks in focusing position.


Release the spring catch L, and raise the cover, which automatically extends the Focusing Hood. 

Press down the two side arms, locking the Focusing Hood in rigid position. 

Rack the lens out with the focusing pinion S, which causes the lens cover to open instantly, exposing the lens.  


The shutter curtain contains 5 apertures ranging from full opening 0 to 1/8 of an inch. 

When the letter 0 appears at F, the shutter is wide open. The other apertures, 1½, ¾, 3/8  and 1/8  will appear in the window F as key A is turned to the left.  

Newer cameras have aperture letter O-T-A-B-C-D

Note: While winding the shutter the letters O-T-A-B-C-D appear in the window F. 

The small 2x3 inch Series B camera needs two winding turns for the next curtain aperture.


The metal plate, attached to the Focusing Hood, gives the approximate shutter speeds, in fractional parts of seconds, obtainable with the various combinations of curtain apertures and tension numbers.


Push down lever H. Slide the bar D to the left, exposing I, indicating instantaneous exposure.

Wind the curtain by turning key A to the left, until the required aperture appears at F. If the curtain is set at a smaller aperture than required, release the curtain by pressing button M to the left, until the proper aperture number is registered at F.


A safety lock prevents the rewinding of the curtain before the mirror is set in focusing position. 

This prevents fog­ging of the film, making it necessary to set the mirror before rewinding the shutter curtain.  


Tension on the curtain is regulated by turning the milled head B to the right until the required tension number appears at G. The numbers run from 1 to 6—the highest number indicating the greatest speed. If the tension number is set at a higher tension than required, release tension of spring by sliding escapement P, back and forth, until the proper tension number is registered at G. Example: for an exposure of a second, register curtain aperture / at F, and tension No. 5 at G.


After the shutter has been set, and the image on the Ground Glass Focusing Screen properly focused, the exposure is made by one gentle, downward pressure of the release lever, located on the forward, left-hand side of the camera body. The pressure on the lever simul­taneously releases the mirror and curtain. Slow instantaneous exposures of about 5 second can be made with the curtain set at 0 (full opening), and tension No. 1. Pressure upon the shutter release causes the mirror to rise just before the curtain drops, closing the exposing aperture.


Press down lever H, and slide the bar D to the right, exposing T, indicating time exposures. Wind the curtain until the letter T is registered at window F. 

After focusing the image, release the mirror, and commence the exposure by a gentle, backward pressure on button M. 

At the expiration of the required time, terminate the exposure by a second pressure on button M.  


Press button X, and revolve the back to vertical, horizontal, or any intermediate position. This can be done without danger of fogging the plate or film when the dark slide is drawn.


All Graflex Attachments will interchange with the Plate Holders on Graflex Cameras. The Graflex Plate Magazine is designed to carry 12 Glass Plates or cut Films in metal sheaths; the Graflex Roll Holder (1915 model) takes the new Eastman Graflex Film, consisting of 6 exposures; the Graflex Film Pack Adapter takes the Premo Film Pack.



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